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Save money on a powerful and reliable water pump

Avoid water shortages and choose us for your well pump service! We'll make sure that your home or business has a reliable well pump so that you get water any time you need it. 


Residential well pump service

Hungerfords Pump Service has been providing you with the highest quality service for over 90 years. We'll offer you a wide range of services - from pump replacement, system repairs, water testing, water filtration, and preventative maintenance programs - all designed to keep your well water system operating at peak efficiency.

Let us help you avoid the inconvenience of water outages. We'll assess your water system and water quality, and recommend options to insure its reliability and purity. Get with the best, contact us today!

Choose from submersible or jet pumps

Submersible Pumps -

The electric motor and the pump are installed as one unit in the well by our professionals. Submersible pumps are long cylinders usually 4 inches in diameter and 2 to 4 feet in length. An electric cable is attached to the motor, and a pipe comes up the well from the pump into your home. 

To ensure that the water supply is reliable, even in droughts, the pump may be set hundreds of feet beneath the water in the well. When the pump switches on, the motor runs and turns a series of impellers that push water up out of the well into your home. Submersible pumps are highly energy efficient and allow great water pressure.

Jet Pumps - 

Unlike submersible pumps, the motor and pump are not in the well but are usually close to the well in the basement or utility room. Jet pumps work by pumping water under pressure through an ejector into a discharge pipe coming up from the well. As the jet of high pressure water is forced into the discharge pipe, it creates a vacuum and causes water to be drawn from the well.

Back at the surface, some of the water is piped to your home plumbing and some is routed back to the ejector to raise more water from the well. Shallow well jet pumps have the jet assembly directly attached to the pump and are not effective at depths of over 25 feet, but have the advantage of having no working parts down the well, so they can be used in narrow diameter wells. 

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