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From pump rebuilding to monitoring discharge of systems, you can count on us to help you meet all industry requirements, and to optimize the efficiency of your operations. 


Industrial Service

We provide essential services to industrial customers throughout the state of Connecticut. We help companies meet industry standards while maintaining a consistent water and waste stream. Our instrument calibration and repair service is a key element in helping to insure compliance with discharge permits. We also offer preventive maintenance programs as well as engineering services for the redesign and upgrade of existing systems.


Pump Repair, Replacement, and New Installations

Well Pumps

Booster Pumps

Submersible Sewage and De-Watering

Split Case
End Suction Centrifugal Chemical Feed
Line Shaft Turbine Vertical Sewage and De-Watering
Positive Displacement Vacuum

Well Water Systems

Industrial well water systems can be as simple as the one that may supply your home or as complicated as the on that supplies a large community. We have vast experience in well pump repair, replacement, booster pump repair, booster pump replacement, control system troubleshooting and storage/pressure tank repair. Hungerfords Pump Service has over 90 years of experience in the repair, upgrading and design of large and small water systems.

State Certified Operators

Hungerfords Pump Service has certified operators on staff who can help insure compliance with the Connecticut Department of Public Health. These regulations require every community water system and every non-transient, non-community water system to have at least one operator who is certified as a small system, water treatment plant or water distribution operator. Complying with these regulations is difficult for the many small companies that rely on their own water systems. Let Hungerfords Pump Service handle these issues to ensure both regulatory compliance and provide water of the highest quality.

Sewage Ejection Systems

Whether you have a ½ hp sump pump in your basement office or a duplex 75hp ejector system for a factory, Hungerfords Pump Service has the know how and the equipment to service any kind of sewage ejections system. We can coordinate the whole repair and replacement process including system design to standby pumper trucks. Hungerfords Pump Service has a fully trained staff that follows all O.S.H.A. safety standards including Lock Out-Tag Out and Confined Space Entry.

City Water Booster Systems

Chances are if you are in a building over 4 stories or a large square footage you have a pressure boosting system to supply water pressure to the upper floors of your facility. In many cases the booster system sits in the basement of the building and is the last thing you think of until you get the call “We don’t have water on the 7th floor”. Hungerfords Pump Service can help you take care of this essential component of your building by offering preventative maintenance contracts, control system troubleshooting, pump repair, pump replacement, pressure tank repair and pressure tank replacement.

Water Treatment 

In many cases the water quality that is part of your process is an intricate part of the final product you produce. Hungerfords Pump Service can help with your water quality needs with a variety of treatment options. Please contact a Hungerfords Pump Service sales representative to help tailor a system that meets your needs.

Waste Water Treatment

Do you have a new process that will be putting your discharge out of specification with the Department of Environmental Protection? Hungerfords Pump Service can design, and install a waste treatment and monitoring system to suit your needs. From a simple pH feed system to a totally automated treatment system, Hungerfords Pump Service is your one source for your waste water treatment needs.

Instrument Calibration

When you’re dealing with the Department of Environmental Protection on waste water issues or monitoring a part of your process, it is important the instruments associated with the process are accurate. Hungerfords Pump Service can help with our Instrument Calibration and Certification Service. We are qualified to work on a variety of systems including pH, Flow, ORP, Level Controls, Conductivity, Resistivity and Pressure Systems. Contact your sales representative to schedule an annual calibration of your system.

System Upgrade and Redesign

Is your system in an aggressive environment? Just plain worn out? Do you need additional capacity? We can help upgrade and redesign your existing system in an efficient, cost effective manner.

"On Call" 24-hr Fluid Monitoring System

Hungerfords Pumps Service is pleased to offer the “On Call” 24 hour fluid monitoring system. Utilizing a variety of sensing devices, Hungerfords is able to monitor and oversee a many of conditions that are vital to our customers systems. Hungerfords not only monitors your systems 24 hours a day but is able to receive and interpret the information and can respond according to your system's specific needs.

  • High liquid levels in tanks
  • Low level in tanks
  • Flooding
  • Low pressure
  • Low temperature
  • Intrusion
  • Flow
  • pH
  • Chlorine
  • Power out

Preventative Maintenance Contracts

It is a proven fact that most system breakdowns could be avoided with regular preventative maintenance. Our skilled service technicians can detect and, in many cases, correct small problems before they become big problems. With our low cost Preventative Maintenance Check-up you will have the piece of mind knowing that you have a knowledgeable professional looking after your system. We can perform these check-ups on the following systems

  • Well water systems
  • City water booster systems
  • De-Watering systems
  • Industrial wastewater systems


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